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Cafe Campesino is proud to partner with SweetLeaf Stevia, an all-natural, all-delicious alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Get the best of all worlds with this special package, available in 100-count packets or in a 2 oz. bottle! SteviaPlus powder and Stevia Clear liquid sweetener are completely natural, no-calorie, no-carbs (That's right. Zip. Zilch. Nada. No calories or carbs whatsoever) supplements that are 300 times sweeter than sugar (so you use a whole lot less). And because Stevia is loaded with fiber, it's actually (gasp!) good for you, too! Not to mention it's safe for diabetics and Kosher certified. SteviaPlus uses only the best tasting, highest quality Stevia. And unlike those chemical sweeteners, SteviaPlus is great for cooking and baking. Stir SteviaPlus into your coffee or tea, sweeten up that bowl of cereal, use it in your cooking and baking, and ban the calories and chemicals found in sugar and artificial sweeteners. Your body is a temple, after all.

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