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Café Campesino, Inc. – Job Description

Position: Coffee House Manager

Type: Full-Time

Compensation: Salary + Benefits
rev. 6.26.14

Accepting applications for this position until: July 6, 2014


The Coffee House Manager has an above-average energy level, a “can-do” attitude, a happy, positive outlook on life, a commitment to environmental stewardship and a burning interest in making the world a better place… along with a genuine love of great coffee. The Coffee House manager ensures seamless operations while promoting greater company goals and policies. Coffee House Manager is disciplined and able to focus despite frequent interruptions. The Coffee House Manager works with core management team and reports to a specified member of the management team.

Core Responsibilities

The Coffee House manager is responsible for all coffee house operations including:

-Barista Training

-Cash Register Operation, Reconciliation, and Reporting

-Coffee House Documentation

-Coffee House Scheduling

-Food and Drink Preparation

-Inventory and Purchasing

-Menu Revision and Development

-Sales, Marketing, and Promotion for Coffee House

-Coffee House Budget Management

-Special Event Support– staffing, supplies, etc.

-Upkeep of Interior and Exterior of Coffee House – cleaning, maintenance, and repairs (as needed, supported by management as needed)

-Coffee House Customer Service

As part of a member of Cafe Campesino management, responsibilities include:

-Participation in regularly scheduled cuppings

-Participation in monthly sales and financial meetings

-Developing and being able to share with customers and other constituents: 1) a thorough knowledge of the company and its work with fair trade and organics and 2) a comprehensive understanding of coffee

-Maintaining, developing and sharing a thorough knowledge of all beverage and food preparation with Cafe Campesino Inc.

-Supporting sales, marketing, and promotions for Café Campesino Inc.

- Managing the coffee house budget for profitability overseeing sales, costs and expenses

Performance Expectations

-Seamless operations within the coffeehouse

-Well-informed, knowledgeable barista staff

- Quarterly documented reviews with baristas that offer clear guidelines for improving their performance and/or rewards their performance

-Ability to keep cost of goods and expenses within budget

-Ability to show a monthly profit or a plan to meet target annual sales goals

-Customer Retention & Growth

-Developing Quarterly Work Plans & Goals

-Enthusiasm to support greater company missions and goals

Skills & Experience Required

-Excellent oral communication skills required

-Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills

-Self-directed and self-starting

-Neat, organized and detail-oriented with an unflagging commitment to follow-through

-A commitment to becoming an expert on fair trade, organic coffee

-Ability to multi-task

-High School Diploma or Equivalent

-One year food service experience -OR-

-One year experience working with coffee equipment including manual espresso machine -OR-

-One year experience as a manager or supervisor

Preferred Skills & Experience

-One-year experience managing a coffee shop

-Demonstrated knowledge of & passion for speciality coffee

-Proven commitment to follow-through on self-started projects

-Excellent written communication skills

- Experience managing a small staff and delegating responsibilities

-Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel

-Demonstrated commitment to organics or fair trade

- Self-described “neat-freak”

Additional information

-This position requires a background check prior to hire.

-The first 180 calendar days after the date of hire are considered to be an introductory period and as such, a probationary period during which the new employee’s supervisor and management have an opportunity to evaluate the ability of the employee to perform her/his job.

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