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Birding & Coffee Tour: Guatemala: 7-16, 2014

Join us as we connect-the-dots of Guatemala's fair trade, organic coffee production to its preservation of bird habitat. In our ten-day trip to Guatemala, we will follow the coffee supply chain from small farms where fair trade, organic and and shade-grown coffee is produced to the market cities where coffee beans are commercialized and processed. All the while, travelers will have the opportunity to explore Guatemala's local culture as well as bird habitats, where an array of brilliantly colored birds can be found.

Experienced birders will lead us to discover Guatemala's birds, some of which will be unique to the country, while others will be migratory song birds that you may see in North America during the spring and summer. Travelers can expect to see how coffee is grown and processed on a small-scale organic farm, learn more about the importance of shade-grown and organic farming to biodiversity preservation, meet one of the farmer cooperatives that Cafe Campesino sources its coffee from and see the mountains, lake, cities and people that make Guatemala one of most beautiful and hospitable countries in the world.

Learn more about our itinerary below.

Trip at a Glance
Dates: Friday, Feb. 7- Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014
Cost: $750 + airfare
Total Days: 10
Areas Visited: Antigua, Chajul, San Lucas Toliman at Lake Atitlan (cities, mountains, lake)
Sign-up Date: Now
Contact: or Call: 888-532-4728

Birding & Coffee Itinerary

Friday, Feb. 7
Arrive in Guatemala City
Intro to Coffee Farming in Guatemala
Night in Antigua

Saturday, Feb. 8
-Spend the
Day in Antigua
- Visit farm near to Antigua: hiking & birding
Night in Antigua

Sunday, Feb. 9
-Market Day in
-Night in Chajul, El Quiche

Monday, Feb. 10
-Day with small-scale coffee farmer
-Night in coffee village

Tuesday, Feb. 11
Day in Chajul
Visit Associacion Chajul Co-op
Night in Chajul

Wednesday, Feb. 12
Travel to Lake Atitlan
-Spend the
Night in San Lucas Toliman

Thursday, Feb. 13
Travel to San Lucas Toliman
Birding in the morning & day
Night in San Lucas Toliman

Friday, Feb. 14

-Birding in the morning
-Cultural Excursions during the day
Night in San Lucas Toliman

Saturday, Feb. 15
-Birding in the morning
-Visit local r
eforestation projects
Travel back to Antigua

Sunday, Feb. 16
-Departure Day
-Fly out of Guatemala City

[Pictured below from left to right: Resplendent Quetzal, Turquoise-browed Motmot; Summer Tanager. All photos taken by Phil Hardy (who will be on this trip), and all birds are likely to be seen by travelers on this trip.]

Visit to Guatemala

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