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Words Matter....Our Values, Vision & Mission

Cafe Campesino Core Values:

We strive to live our lives and run our Fair Trade coffee business according to the Golden Rule. As individuals - and collectively as a company - we are committed to treating people and our environment as we wish to be treated with respect, fairness, courtesy, honesty, acceptance, tolerance, and humility. Furthermore, we are committed to creating and maintaining a culture at Cafe Campesino that positively impacts all people with whom we interact. The Cafe Campesino experience should elevate our trading partners, customers, and vendors faith in the human race and our ability to create a secure and healthy world. Finally, we acknowledge that conducting ourselves and our business by the Golden Rule does not require reciprocity on the part of people and organizations with which we interact. Words Matter

Cafe Campesino Vision:

Cafe Campesino envisions a world in which all trade is based on the tenets of the Golden Rule and in which Fair Trade is the norm rather than a niche in the global economy. Our Fair Trade world provides working women and men with equal opportunity, a fair price for the goods and services they produce, the ability to meet their basic needs, and a clean, healthy environment in which to build a more secure, dynamic future based on a respect for basic human rights, free enterprise and liberty.

Cafe Campesino Mission:

Cafe Campesino seeks to realize our vision by successfully importing, roasting and commercializing only Fair Trade, organic, specialty-grade coffee and offering related products that reinforce our ability to deliver the Fair Trade message. By producing an exciting, positive experience for our customers, delivering consistently excellent Fair Trade, organic coffee and related products, and providing enthusiastic customer service, Cafe Campesino will build a loyal, deeply committed customer base and will become one of the nation's leading Fair Trade, organic coffee companies. Finally, by living a Fair Trade life, we at Cafe Campesino demonstrate that a 100% Fair Trade business can succeed by: 1) achieving our profit objectives; 2) positively impacting the lives of our producer partners, their families and community and; 3) contributing to the maintenance and restoration of the environment. Words Matter

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