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Job Description - Production Manager

Cafe Campesino, Inc. - Job Description
Position: Production Manager
Type: Full-time; 40 hours
Compensation: Salary plus benefits
Resumes and cover letters accepted through January 9th, 2015


The production manager has an above-average energy level, a "can-do" attitude, a happy, positive outlook on life, and a burning interest in making the world a better place, along with a genuine love of great coffee. The production manager is disciplined and able to focus despite frequent interruptions, which are characteristic of the working environment. The production manager completes specific, time-critical management functions while also maintaining the flexibility to multitask and guide the staff as needed. The production manager's primary area of responsibility is production though he/she also plays an important role in other areas of the company, including inventory and green bean management. Like all staff members, the production manager is expected to support all functions as needed. The production manager supervises the production staff & also collaborates with the rest of the staff to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This position requires visionary planning and diligence to ensure quality and development of the production facility. The production manager works with the company's core management team and reports to the president.

Core Responsibilities

  • Manage all processes and systems for Roasting, Order Preparation, Packing, & Shipping including print shipping labels.
  • Manage the Cupping and Quality Control processes & our company's Coffee Knowledgebase
  • Ensure timely Equipment Maintenance and Repair of all Processing Equipment
  • Inventory & Reporting - green beans, production supplies, allied products
  • Inform Co-workers when green coffee lots change
  • Maintain USDA Organic Certification & Compliance and Ga. Dept. of Agriculture Compliance
  • Oversee maintenance and cleanliness of the Physical Plant, Storage area and Grounds
  • Proactively develop and share with customers and other constituents: 1) a thorough knowledge of the company and its work as a fair trade, organic coffee company and 2) a comprehensive understanding of coffee- from crop to cup.
  • Purchasing and scheduling of production materials and supplies
  • Stay informed concerning Cooperative Coffee's green bean supply and Producer Relationships
  • Order green beans from suppliers - project green coffee needs.
  • Coordinate with Sweetwater concerning Organic Certification & Compliance
  • Schedule production team to match workload - especially during peak season

Performance Expectations

1) Extremely positive attitude and obvious entrepreneurial spirit
2) Eager to learn about coffee and equipment - implement program for acquiring skills
3) Orders processed accurately and shipped on time
4) Manage team and co-worker relationships in accordance with our company culture statement
5) Mistakes admitted quickly and used as an opportunity to learn and grow

Skills & Experience Required

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience managing people, processes, and assets.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Self-directed and self-starting.
  • Organized and detail-oriented with a deep commitment to follow-through on promises.
  • Demonstrated computer proficiency - Internet, Word, Excel and other programs.
  • Ability to use spreadsheets and formulas effectively to manage data.
  • A commitment to becoming an expert on Fair Trade organic coffee.
  • Ability to lift up to 30 lbs frequently throughout the work day.
  • Experience with equipment and physical plant management, repairs and maintenance.

Additional information

  • This position requires a background check prior to hire.
  • The first 90 calendar days after the date of hire are considered to be an introductory period and as such, a probationary period during which the new employee's supervisor and management have an opportunity to evaluate the ability of the employee to perform her/his job.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the introductory period, a full-time employee becomes eligible for benefits as described in the company's Employee Handbook. This position is an "exempt" position. An exempt employee is not covered by the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Compensation will be based upon work experience and education.

Employer Contact Information
Company: Cafe Campesino Inc.
Contact: Bill Harris

Please submit resume and cover note via email to Bill Harris at the email address above by 5:00 pm on January 9th, 2014.

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