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Choice Green Moroccan Mint Tea

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Treat yourself and your guests to a cup of North African hospitality. Choice's Green Moroccan Mint Tea is a refreshing blend featuring flavorful green teas, peppermint from Washington State, spearmint, and a hint of lemongrass, culminating in a bright cup that's crisp, aromatic and flavorful. 16 bags/box (32g)


  • Organic Green Teas (fair trade certified)
  • Organic Spearmint (fair trade certified)
  • Organic Peppermint
  • Organic Lemon Grass
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Short Description:
A revitalizing, organic blend of mellow green teas, favored mints, and a hint of lemon grass combined in a crisp, aromatic, and brightly flavorful cup. 16 bags/box (32g)

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