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Hario Pour-Over Coffee Kit for Home

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The complete pour-over set for anyone who wants to make a fantastic cup of coffee at home. Includes: Hario V60 Coffee Dripper, Hario Buono Kettle, Hario Skerton Grinder, Hario Range Server, Cafe Campesino fair trade, organic whole bean coffee, Hario V60 filters, and a digital scale.

Hario V60 Coffee Dripper 02: Control the flow, timing, and water temperature of home-brewed coffee to create the perfect cup of coffee with the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper. Built to brew coffee for 1-4 people.

Hario Buono Kettle: This stainless steel kettle is ideal for home brewing and for use on Hario V60 Coffee Drippers or Chemex brewers. The long, narrow spout allows for precise, controlled pours of hot water during pour-over brewing. Kettle can be used on induction heat range, gas, or electric stoves. Holds 1 liter.

Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder: A hand-powered ceramic coffee mill designed to let the home coffee brewer adjust his grind depending on his brewing methods. Made in Japan, the Hario burr grinder is made with heat-proof glass, a stainless steel handle, a plastic grip, hopper and cap, a silicone anti-slip cover and ceramic burrs. It includes a lid for storing coffee and the glass container can hold up to 100 grams of ground coffee. Small and lightweight, it's also easily portable so you can bring your fresh-ground coffee with you when you travel.

Hario Range Server: A heat-proof glass server designed to be used with the Hario V60 series products. Its lid can also be used as a stand for the Hario coffee dripper.

Cafe Campesino Whole Bean Coffee: Our fair trade, shade grown, organic coffee whole beans come from trading partners around the globe. Our roaster, a fan of the pour over method, will choose a popular freshly roasted blend.

Hario V60 Filters: This pack of 100 coffee filters is designed to fit the cone-shaped Hario V60 Coffee Dripper 02 and Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill. Each filter has a capacity of 1-3 cups.

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