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Perky Paws Full City Roast Coffee

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Once upon a time in ancient Ethiopia, Kaldi the goatherd noticed his goats behaving erratically after nibbling the bright red berries of a particular bush. He chewed on the berries himself and – Voila! - experienced the world's first coffee buzz.

In honor of Kaldi's dancing goats, and of animals everywhere, the Sumter Humane Society is partnering with Cafe Campesino to present Perky Paws, a delicious blend of 100% Fair Trade, organic, shade grown Ethiopian coffees. Yirgacheffe's bright, lemony acidity is mellowed by Sidamo's sweet, full-bodied presence to produce one purr-fectly balanced blend. You'll be purring, too, once you taste it.

Your purchase will aid Sumter Humane Society's mission of saving the lives of and rehabilitating as many homeless and abandoned pets as possible.

Visit for more information on their important work.

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  • Flavor: Bright acidity and sweet, citrusy flavor.
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2 Reviews

Valerie Pullman Mar 12th 2019

Perky Paws

Smells sooo good when brewed - the best coffee I've ever had. Flavorful. Thank you!

Patricia May Mar 14th 2017

Best Blend Coffee I've ever had

This coffee was rich, flavorful and smelled like heaven when brewed.

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