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Choice Organic Tea

All of the Choice teas we offer are grown organically and are fair trade certified. Why do we choose to offer organic teas?  Simply put, organic farming improves the fertility of the soil and stops the use of harmful chemicals and that in turn makes farming safer for the farmers and their families and for the surrounding wildlife.  Why fair trade tea?  Because its what we believe in.  Fair trade empowers the tea workers to improve their lives.  Fair wages and respectable living and working conditions are combined with the ability, education and training to manage their own funds as they see fit.

These teas meet the highest standards of both quality and social responsibility. Choice Organic Teas works closely with international growers to create organic teas known for outstanding character and clarity of flavor. And know that your purchase makes a difference in the lives of tea estate workers.

Choice Loose Leaf Chai Choice Loose Leaf Decaf Chai
A loose leaf blend of 60 grams of "ready-to-brew" spices and fine black teas.

A loose leaf blend of 60 grams of "ready-to-brew" spices and decaf black tea.

Choice Black Tea - Organic, Fair Trade Choice Darjeeling
Choice Black Tea
Our Price: $4.50
Choice Darjeeling Tea
Our Price: $4.50
The garden that produces this pure tea is located within a protected wildlife reserve in the south of India. This organic tea is unblended to allow the brisk, bright character to shine. 16 tea bags/box (32g) Choice's organic selection from India's premier tea-growing region. Our Darjeeling has a bright, fruity flavor and subtle, floral aroma naturally shaped by the mists and fog of the Himalayan mountains. With medium body and refreshing character, you'll find it enchanting at any hour. 16 tea bags/box.
Choice English Breakfast Tea Choice Classic Blend Green Tea
Choice skillfully combines smooth, high-grown Ceylon teas with robust, malty selections from Assam and East Africa. This favorite is organic, fair trade certified, and a perfect greeting to a new day. 16 tea bags/box (32g) Perk up with a tea that celebrates the origins of the world's most popular beverage. To create this mellow blend, Choice pairs Chinese teas steeped in history with Indian teas from select mountaintop gardens. It has a nutty, garden-fresh flavor to please your palate and revitalize your spirit. 16 tea bags/box (32g)
Choice Green Jasmine Tea Choice Green Moroccan Mint Tea
Lose yourself in the ethereal virtues of this Chinese treasure, produced only in August when jasmine flowers are in bloom.The growers blend the finest green tea with freshly picked blossoms, which are removed after they've imparted their floral essence. The delicately sweet taste and aroma offer instant enlightenment.16 tea bags/box (32g) Treat yourself and your guests to a cup of North African hospitality. Choice's refreshing blend features flavorful green teas, peppermint from Washington State, spearmint and a hint of lemongrass, culminating in a bright cup that's crisp, aromatic and flavorful a most illuminating pick-me-up. 16 tea bags/box (32g)
Choice Irish Breakfast Choice Decaf Earl Grey Tea
Energize your spirit with this deliciously bold cup of morning tea. Created in a style historically preferred by the Irish, our blend features the full body and malty richness of Assam black tea from India. Assertive and hearty with a robust character, this invigorating tea is destined to motivate.16 tea bags/box (32g) Organic decaffeinated black tea is enhanced with natural oil of Bergamot, a Mediterranean citrus. Choice's decaffeination process uses natural carbon dioxide. 16 tea bags/box (32g)
Choice Chamomile Herb Tea Choice FT Organic Lemon Lavender Mint Tea
Treat yourself to a cup of peace and quiet. Treasured through the ages for its soothing effects, this flower holds an honored place in herbal remedy folklore. Our select Egyptian chamomile has a round, deep body and lingering sweetness with an elegant, floral flavor. It's free of caffeine to create an oasis of calm. (Caffeine Free )16 bags/box (14g) Refresh yourself with this calming, caffeine-free cup featuring accents of sun-blessed lavender. Our sophisticated blend combines these blossoms with layers of mellow lemon and crisp mint for a fresh, yet soft-tasting tea that will elevate your sense of well-being. (Caffeine Free)  16 bags/box (14g)

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