Café Campesino founder Bill Harris speaks with farmer partners from CAC Pangoa in Peru.

Our Story

It all started when a wheelbarrow of dirt was dumped on a farmer’s coffee bush during a Habitat for Humanity trip to Guatemala. That incident sparked an idea that would grow to become Cooperative Coffees and later Cafe Campesino.

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Our fair trade coffees are sourced from organic growers and roasted to order in Americus Georgia

Our Roast Styles

The roasting process is what brings out the rich aroma and delicious flavor associated with coffee beans. All of our coffee is freshly roasted in Americus, Georgia. Our master coffee roaster chooses between a Medium, Full City, Viennese and French Roast for each of our single origin, decafs and half caffs, blends and espresso blends.

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Picture of Manos Campesinos, one of Cafe Campesino's Trading Partners

Our Farmer Partners

Cafe Campesino sources its coffee through Cooperative Coffees, an import cooperative that supplies Fair Trade and Organic green coffees to a membership of 23 coffee roasters throughout North America. We are committed to cultivating an equitable and sustainable global trade community among a network of small-holder producer cooperatives.

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Cafe Campesino Fair Trade coffee roaster mission and values

Our Purpose and Values

Principles are very important to us and our core values keep us energized. In January 2017, we became a Certified B Corporation, solidifying our commitment to our core values. Through day-to-day operations, Cafe Campesino works to make the world a better place, and like some 1,800 other B Corps worldwide, we believe business can be a force for positive social and environmental change.

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Cafe Campesino staff tour the facilities of a Fair Trade coffee producing partner in Guatemala

Our Staff

Meet the team. We are proud of this dedicated and committed group of coffee geeks, world travelers, students, and seasoned professionals who care deeply for the farmers who grow our good stuff and for our long-standing customers that support us and those farmers.

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Cafe Campesino is a major wholesale coffee distributer in the US

Our Wholesale Program

All of our coffee is fair trade, organic, shade grown Arabica from small-farmer cooperatives all over the world. We also offer a complete selection of coffee house beverage supplies, including syrups, smoothie and frappe bases, and certified compostable cups, making Cafe Campesino your one-stop shop for sustainable coffee house essentials.

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