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Shade Grown Coffee
Why grow coffee in the shade?

Shade Grown Coffee

Children playing in the shade trees of a small Mut Vitz coffee plot near the coop's headquarters building.Café Campesino's Fair Trade coffee is grown under a natural canopy of shade trees. Shade-grown coffee has many benefits:

Protection of the Natural Ecosystem... Shade-grown coffee works within the natural ecosystem where the coffee is grown, contributing to and receiving help from the system. Shade trees provide many nutrients to the coffee plants.

Preservation of Natural Biodiversity... Migratory and tropical birds, reptiles, ants, butterflies and a host of other organisms and plant life call the canopy home. This biodiversity has positive impacts on the overall environment, beyond the local canopies where the coffee is grown.

Protection of Local Water Supplies... The roots from the coffee plants help to trap runoff water and keep the local water supplies cleaner and more pure. Trapping runoff water also helps to prevent erosion. Shade grown coffee needs irrigation less frequently than sun grown coffee.

Preservation of Atmospheric Balance... Shade grown coffee helps decrease deforestation by leaving the trees standing, which can help preserve atmospheric balance due to carbon sequestration.

Great Taste... Because shade coffee is slower to ripen, it often provides a more complex taste and is more flavorful than other coffees.

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