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Cafe Campesino Coffee Subscriptions

It’s here! The “subscribe-and-save” coffee program you’ve been waiting for. Need fresh-roasted coffee delivered directly to your door? We’re here for you. Care about sourcing coffee that’s not only tasty but sustainably sourced? We got you. Don’t want to break the budget? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Our fair-trade, organic coffee subscriptions will meet your needs. Plus, free shipping options, a subscription discount and a variety of shipping intervals, make our coffee subscriptions a value in addition to a pleasure.

Holding a subscription box from home delivery

Why is yours the Best Coffee Subscription available?

  • You can subscribe to your favorite coffee

Many coffee subscriptions don’t let you choose your preferred single origin or blend. They choose a coffee for you.  This can be fun, but it's not always what you want.  With us, you can get exactly what you want- your preferred roast profile, coffee origin, bag size and grind preference.  Don't waste time or money on a coffee you don't like.  Optimize your coffee experience.  Subscribe and get exactly what you want.

  • All of our Coffees are Certified Organic & Fair Trade

Every coffee you purchase from us is certified organic, fair trade and easily traceable through our Current Coffee Lots page. You will rarely get as much supply chain transparency in a coffee subscription as you will here.

  • You Become a Part of a Sustainable Supply Chain

We source coffee exclusively from farmer-owned cooperatives. Owned by small-scale farmers, these cooperatives are democratically run, community-oriented businesses. Cooperatives are engines of development for remote farming communities that have little-to-now social safety nets or government support. We’ve sourced from some cooperatives for more than 20 years. We return year-after-year. When you sign up for our coffee subscription, you become a part of that sustainable supply chain.

  • 1LB is our Smallest Bag Size

Most coffee companies pack 12 ounces of coffee into their smallest bags. Our smallest bag is 16 oz. That’s 33 percent more coffee than in a 12 oz bag. That’s about eight 8-oz-cups of coffee. That’s one full pot more in a 1LB bag of coffee than in a 12 oz. bag. That’s a value.

  • We Offer a Discount AND Free Shipping

people enjoying their home delivery of coffee

When you sign-up for a Cafe Campesino coffee subscription, you will get a 15% discount on your selected coffee.  If your order total is higher than $50, you will also get free-shipping on your order.


How Fresh is the Coffee in your Subscription?

We roast Monday-Friday, every week of the year. When your coffee ships, it has been roasted within the past few days. Because your coffee ships directly from our small-scale roastery, it is some of the most freshly roasted coffee available anywhere.

Compare that process to purchasing coffee off the shelf in a grocery store, or from many other web stores, where coffee sits on shelves or in warehouses for weeks or months after it’s been roasted. Sourcing directly from Cafe Campesino roastery will get you some of the freshest coffee there is.

How Tasty is the Coffee?

All of our coffee is specialty-grade Arabica and is some of the best coffee from the world’s best farmer co-ops. It tastes best when it’s freshly-roasted and freshly-ground.

We offer a variety of roast profiles to suit your palate, from light to dark roasts. We offer single origin coffees from countries throughout Latin America, Ethiopia and Indonesia. We also offer a variety of blends, espresso blends and natural-water processed decafs.

Don’t know what to order? Try Guatemala Full City Roast. It’s a best-seller, and where the idea for our fair trade, organic coffee company was born more than 20 years ago.

Are all your coffees available in your subscription program?

Most of our coffees are, but not all. Go to this link and you can check out all of the coffees eligible for our subscription service.

What is your Discount on Coffee Subscriptions?

This might be the best coffee subscription perk- you’ll get 15% off the regular price of your preferred coffee when you sign-up. Discounts apply to our 1 LB, 2 LB and 5 LB bags and occur with every order. When you sign up, you automatically save money. Subscription discounts can not be combined with other coffee discounts.

How do I get Free Shipping on Coffee Subscriptions?

Any order in our web store is eligible for free shipping when it totals $50 or more. The same is true for coffee subscriptions. Order totals are calculated after your 15% discount. So, depending on the coffee you get, you could reach a $50 threshold with three-to-four 1LB bags of coffee, or two 2lb bags. Combinations vary depending on the coffee you choose.

What are your Shipping Intervals?

We offer coffee subscription shipping intervals for every 1, 2, 4 or 6 weeks.

Is it possible to modify my subscription once it’s started?

Absolutely. You can change your coffee selection and shipping interval at any time. We want you to have the best coffee subscription experience possible. If your needs change, the program can, too.  

Can I easily cancel my subscription?

Yes. Simply go to the subscription home page, find the coffee in your subscription you want to discontinue, and click "Cancel." Then, select the reason you are canceling the subscription and click confirm. The coffee subscription will be canceled once you click "Confirm." Please note: you must "Cancel" each coffee in your subscription to discontinue recurring shipments. Once all coffees are canceled, your subscription will not renew.

Can I give a subscription as a gift?

In order to make a subscription a gift, you can simply send the coffee of your choice to your gift recipient. Shipments will include an invoice, and you will be responsible for managing the duration of the subscription and email notifications about shipment.

Can I manage multiple coffee subscriptions in one account?

Yes. Each subscribed coffee in your account is attached to a specific shipping address and specific shipping interval. You can ship to multiple different locations at different intervals under one account.