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Single Origin Sampler

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Compare the flavor profiles of coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, Peru and Honduras- four of our best selling single origin coffees.

This sampler pack contains four 4 oz. bags of each of the coffees and offers a variety of roast and flavor profiles. Available whole bean or in a variety of grind options.

HONDURAS- Grown by the COMSA cooperative in the Marcala region of Honduras, this coffee offers a sweet flavor with complex acidities and a nice smooth finish.

GUATEMALA - Our Guatemala coffee is produced by either the APECAFROM cooperative or the Chajulense cooperative of the country's highlands region and showcases caramelized flavors characteristic of the Maillard reaction that brings out coffee's natural sugars during the roasting process.

COLOMBIA- Produced by the Fondo Paez cooperative, our Colombia coffee is our most lightly roasted coffee in this line-up, which allows the delicate floral acidities of the Cauca region to shine in the cup.

PERU- And the Pangoa-produced coffee of Peru's central Amazon region is roasted the darkest, bringing out notes of dark chocolate and a full body, rather than any smokiness.

You will find each of these coffees distinct and incredibly pleasing in the cup.

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