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Honduras Full City Roast Coffee

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Produced by our partners at the COMSA Cooperative in Honduras, this fair trade, organic coffee has an aroma that is sweet, nutty, tangy, and caramel-like, a tart fruit flavor with hints of apple and chocolate, light-to-medium acidity, and a medium body. We give it our Full City Roast to intensify the flavors.

Available in a variety of grind options.

Fair Trade Coffee Profile

In the race for ecological balance, Honduras is often visited by other countries who want to see how to do organic the best way. COMSA Cooperative's coffee farms remain healthy and thriving under the canopy shade of trees from above and with nutrient-rich organic compost from below. In order to assure best quality control, COMSA now manages their own wet and dry processing plants and are organic certified by several independent organizations.

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From our coffee cupping:

  • Aroma: caramel, hazelnut
  • Body: medium-high
  • Flavor: hazelnut, green pepper
  • Acidity: Low to Medium
  • Notes: Complex, enjoyable cup

Suggested Brew Method: Chemex

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3 Reviews

James Jones Aug 29th 2017

Terrific blend, dark, and strong

I got the espresso grind and used it in my espresso maker and also a percolator. Both had a great flavor. In our espresso it had a nice foam. I like the stronger coffee's with a little half-and-half, and that made it all the more heavenly with this blend. I reordered it.

Solange (Soledad) Jul 25th 2016

The Best Coffee I have had in 40 years.

I have been fortunate to work , live in and travel to Central America for the past 40 years and this is the best coffee to date. It is delicious and takes me back to when I lived in a small village in Honduras on the border with El Salvador and had freshly roasted coffee from the campesinos there. Gracias

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