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Guatemala Full City Roast Coffee

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( 4 Reviews )

A pleasant, sweet cup with notes of hazelnut and pecan on its finish, this coffee is from the San Marcos region of Guatemala and is produced by small-scale farmers who are members of the APECAFORM Cooperative. APECAFORM represents one of our longest-standing trade relationships.  We have sourced coffee from them for more than 18 years, and over time, we have seen their coffee quality improve, their communities become more accessible as dirt roads get paved and their cooperative invest in a cafe that sells their coffee in the nearby urban center of Quetzaltenango.  These farmers remain, remote, though, and many of the 200 plus members must walk nearly 3 hours to reach the closest commercial center of San Marcos.  Founded in 1992 with aid from the Catholic diocese, APECAFORM is run by Mayan descendants who speak Mam, one of the some 20 indigenous languages spoken in the country.  In September 2017, members of their community were affected by the 8.1 magnitude earthquake that shook Mexico and Guatemala's Pacific coasts. Learn more about APECAFORM. Read about our most recent visit with APECAFORM in May of 2017.

Elevation: 1,100 - 1,500 m
:  Typica, Caturra, Bourbon
Suggested Brewing Method: Auto Drip

Pictured:  Members of the APECAFORM cooperative gathered to greet us during a 2010 visit to origin.  Second Picture: Miguel Mateo (right), who works with APECAFORM through the coffee exporting cooperative Manos Campesinas, joined us on a trip to APECAFORM's main office in Pueblo Nuevo; Third Picture: Names and thumbprints of APECAFORM cooperative members.  

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Cinnamon & brown sugar
Almond, caramel and vanilla
A sweet, pleasant coffee

4 Reviews

mara 25th Apr 2017

great to wake up to

hearty, rich, not bitter at all

Ernie Cowan 24th Apr 2017

Searching for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

I've been on a quest to find the perfect cup of coffee. After an extensive and enlightening search on how coffee is roasted and how that affects flavor, I chose the organic Guatemala Full City Roast. I'm still on my quest, but to date, this is the best coffee I have ever tasted. I use my own grinder and brew with a French Press. Love it.

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