Sustainable Coffeehouse Supplies

Successful coffee shops have robust menus that offer exceptional non-coffee menu items. We can help you develop those items and supply you with organic smoothie mixes, organic syrups, compostable hot and cold cups, compostable to-go items, frappe base and more.

Cafe Campesino is proud to be your one-stop shop to purchase sustainable coffee house supplies wholesale. We’ll help you provide your customers the best ecologically friendly, fair trade and organic products available. The list below is only a sampling of our offerings. Contact us today at 888-532-4728 or through our wholesale inquiry form and ask for a price sheet to see our full line of products.


Organic Teas

Cafe Campesino carries wholesale Rishi organic teas.

Cafe Campesino works with Rishi Teas to offer some of the best-tasting, most sustainable teas on the market place.

Rishi Teas

  • A selection of high-quality, organic, black, green and herbal teas
  • Available in boxes (15/box); pre-portioned for an 8oz. cup
  • Ideal for restaurants and coffee houses
  • Bulk options for food-service locations are also available

Cafe Campesino wholesale carries Dr. Smoothie organic smoothie bases

Dr. Smoothie Natural Smoothie and Frappe Bases

Easy-to-use and 100% fruit, Dr. Smoothie organic smoothie blends are free of pesticides, GMO’s, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Blends include Organic Mango, Organic Strawberry, Organic RazBerry and more.

All flavors are fruit purées, which are easily blended with ice to create a healthy, 100% organic fruit smoothie. Available in 46 fl.oz. bottles.

Cafe Campesino carries Holy Kakow Syrups wholesale

Holy Kakow Organic Syrups

Using certified organic ingredients, Holy Kakow Organic Syrups provides a delicious, high-quality offering in a variety of flavors. Caramel, Vanilla, and Hazelnut are popular, but fruity flavors like Raspberry are fun to add to sparkling waters or teas.

World Centric Compostable to go cups, cutlery and containers

World Centric Compostables

Compostable cups, lids, cutlery and to-go boxes add value to sustainably-minded coffee houses. World Centric, a fellow B Corp, makes them the right way, using only renewable resources such as cornstarch and wheat straw that will break down into nutrient-rich soil over time.

Wholesale Oregon Chai concentrate

Oregon Chai Concentrates

Chai - a spicy black tea served hot or over ice - is a staple of most coffee shops and adored by non-coffee drinkers. Oregon Chai only uses all-natural ingredients and many are certified organic. Concentrates makes drink preparation easy.

Wholesale Pacific Foods non-dairy milks

Pacific Foods Non-Dairy Milks

Founded with a steadfast commitment to organic farming, Pacific Foods’ shelf-stable Barista Series non-dairy milks are a staple for lactose-free latte drinkers. We offer Almond, Coconut, Oat and Soy milks that are available by the case.


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