Brewing an excellent cup of coffee is the last stop in a sustainable supply chain, and we are here to help coffee professionals as well as home consumers prepare their best beverages.

Professional Coffee Training & Certification

Café Campesino is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association as a Premier Training Campus, offering professional-level classes for baristas, coffee shop owners and coffee industry professionals.

Sales and Education coordinator Hannah Mercer is an Authorized Specialty Coffee Association Trainer whose SCA-approved classes can be an important stepping stone for baristas looking to achieve barista certifications or advance through the SCA’s education curriculum.

Successful students will acquire technical skills that will improve their drip coffee and espresso-based drink preparation, as well as enhance their general coffee knowledge.  As they work through their classes, students will soon realize they are becoming “coffee experts” and as Hannah likes to say, “honoring the farmer” by brewing good coffee.

Upcoming SCA Classes include:

Feb. 13-16, 2018: SCA Barista & Brewing Intermediate Bundle- REGISTER HERE

March 7-9, 2018: SCA Intro to Coffee + Barista & Brewing Foundations Bundle + Exams -  REGISTER HERE

For more information on upcoming classes, visit our training website  or contact Hannah Mercer at or 888-532-4728. Learn more about how coffee training can help your coffee shop.

Training for the Home Coffee Brewer

Whether you’re just starting to learn about coffee, or you’ve been drinking it for years, our Community Classes are a great way to improve your coffee knowledge.  Class topics will range from learning about the coffee supply chain to developing grinding and brewing habits for making great drip coffee at home.

Upcoming Community Classes include:

Jan. 20, 2018: "Step-up your Home Coffee Game."  $30. Ideal for the coffee lover who wants to improve their at-home brewing techniques.  REGISTER ONLINE.

Feb. 3, 2018:  "Coffee Tasting Like a Pro."  $30. Awaken your senses and get a glimpse into the professional world of coffee with this professional coffee cupping, or "formal tasting" of coffees.  REGISTER ONLINE.

Feb. 24, 2018: "Crop-to-Cup Tour."   Free.  Learn the origins of coffee, how Cafe Campesino sources its coffee and get a behind-the-scenes tour of our roasting facility.  REGISTER ONLINE.

Training for Wholesale Customers

Passionate, knowledgeable baristas create winning cafes with repeat customers.  We know that having a well trained staff is essential to a successful coffee house business, and we want our wholesale customers to thrive.  If you are a wholesale customer who needs training or are interested in becoming one, please contact Hannah Mercer at to discuss your training options.