In addition to providing excellent fair trade, organic coffees, Cafe Campesino can help you get your coffee house set up right. Need equipment? We can help with that. Need to learn how to use that equipment? We can help with that, too.


We want you to be successful and sustainable, so we will work with you to make sure your coffee house gets off to a good start. 

Our professionally-trained barista staff offers training sessions at our Americus roasting facility, or when possible, on-site at a customer’s coffee shop. Customers will learn to taste and build espresso drinks, brew drip and cold-brew coffee, prepare smoothies and frappes, select, offer and steep quality teas, and clean and care for their coffee house equipment.

After a hands-on session has ended, Cafe Campesino also offers printed materials and a series of videos that wholesale customers can use as resources going forward. 

In addition to drink-building training, Cafe Campesino believes that understanding and appreciating the coffee supply chain is extremely important for all coffee industry professionals. Therefore, educational sessions on fair trade, coffee harvesting and processing, and producer partner backgrounds will also be key components of training. 

Finally, tasting and describing coffee is an extremely important element of coffee sales. Cafe Campesino can lead customer cuppings upon request or even start customers with much more basic taste trainings that will help prepare them for the aromatic and flavorful world of coffee and tea. 

Equipment Procurement

Selecting the right equipment for your space is one of the most important things a coffee shop owner can do. We will work with customers to find the right coffee equipment for their needs. In certain cases, we can even help customers purchase equipment by offering 0 percent financing over a period of about 18 months. 

Currently, Cafe Campesino helps customers purchase their own equipment on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in purchasing your own coffee equipment over time, please contact Cafe Campesino to see if you might qualify for this program. 

Cafe Campesino believes it is essential to the lifespan of coffee equipment for coffee shops to own their own equipment as opposed to lease or borrow equipment. Equipment is often better maintained and cared for when its owner is nearby.

Currently, we do not work exclusively with any one equipment company, but over the years, we have helped finance various pieces of equipment including those produced by Bunn, Fetco, Rancillio, Vitamix and others. 

Contact us today at 888-532-4728 or through our wholesale inquiry form to learn how we can help you with your training and equipment needs.