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Jan. 2-11: Birding and Coffee Tour in Chiapas, Mexico

Cafe Campesino Travel Program
Welcome to an exciting travel program that allows you to ‘Experience The World of Coffee’ .. Café Campesino’s “Coffee and Culture Tours.” The primary purpose of the Coffee and Culture Tour is to educate travelers, students, coffee consumers and the general public about Fair Trade principles and organic, Fair Trade coffee production. We believe that the best way to do this is through face-to-face meetings that help you better understand how coffee producers live and work. We believe producers should be able to tell their stories themselves and explain the relevance of Fair Trade coffee production in their lives. We also believe that people develop a greater appreciation and responsibility for their food (and beverages) when they meet the farmer who produces it. It is our hope that those of you who take our trips will develop a greater interest in organic farming practices, become more cognizant of where and how your food and consumer goods are produced and become more actively involved in the Fair Trade movement.

Group photo - January 2013 - Chel, Guatemala

For the farmers and families that produce coffee, Fair Trade and organics often mean the difference between eking out a living and being trapped in poverty, versus having a sustainable business model that brings a higher than 'market' price as well as payments that are regular and consistent. It is our mission to allow travelers to experience and understand this sustainable model and it's impact on family life.

Join us – you won’t be disappointed.

Schedule for 2014

Guatemala - February 7-16, 2014 - Done!
Sorry you missed it ---- (Join Cafe Campesino and our sister company Sweetwater Organic Coffee for a 10 day coffee and birding trip to Guatemala. Trip leaders are Nema Etheridge and birders Phil Hardy and Clive Rainey. Call us at 888-532-4728 or email nema (at) cafecampesino (dot) com for more info!) View the completed itinerary here

Peru - July 26-August 2, 2014
Join team leader Bill Harris in Lima Peru for an exciting trip over the Andes to visit our friends at Cooperativa Pangoa in San Martin de Pangoa, Peru. Side trips will include a train ride up the river valley to the famed ancient Inca stone city of Machu Picchu and an optional 3 day build with the Fuller Center for Housing.

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Mexico - January 2015

Visit to Guatemala

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