Wholesale Coffee Ordering Information

Cafe Campesino wholesale coffee packaging


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST.



Phone: Toll-free at 888-532-4728 (local 229-924-2468)

Email: Wholesale orders can be emailed to hello@cafecampesino.com. We will confirm receipt of your email order as soon as it has been entered into our production queue. 

Call/Email List: We will gladly call or email you at the interval of your choosing to solicit your order. Please call us at the phone number above to get set up.



Minimum Order: 10 pounds per order (not per type of coffee) is our minimum wholesale order. We encourage small, regular orders to keep your inventory as fresh as possible. 

Wholesale Account Application: All wholesale customers must have a completed and signed wholesale account application on file with Café Campesino. Wholesale Customers are asked to keep us informed of any changes to information provided on the wholesale application.  We generally turn around wholesale applications within one business day.

Resale Certificate: Resellers of Café Campesino coffee must provide Café Campesino with a copy of their current resale certificate.

Order Turn-Around Time:  We generally turn around standard wholesale orders within one to two business days.

Rush Orders: We will do everything in our power to turn around rush orders as quickly as possible. Expedited shipping service costs are the responsibility of the Customer.



Carriers: We ship wholesale orders using UPS standard ground service. We may use USPS to ship smaller or partial orders or backordered items.

Shipping Charges: All orders are FOB, Café Campesino’s Roastery at 725 Millard Fuller Blvd., Americus, GA 31709 unless otherwise agreed. For coffee orders less than the minimums stated below and for all allied (non-coffee) product orders, the Customer will be billed at published carrier rates. Shipments that are undeliverable due to an incorrect or undeliverable address or unavailable receiver will be re-shipped at the customer’s expense.

Damaged Product:  While the customer is responsible for their shipment once it leaves Café Campesino’s roastery, we will provide assistance if a shipment is lost or damaged en route.  Please report any product damage resulting from shipping immediately to our customer service team.  Additionally, please take photographs of damaged shipping boxes and product as they help to document a claim if filing one should become necessary.

Free Shipping: We offer free shipping on coffee for orders of 25 pounds or more to destinations within Georgia and for orders of 75 pounds or more to destinations outside Georgia in the continental U.S.  

Allied Products: Please note that there are a number of allied (non-coffee) products that we are unable to ship due to a number of factors.  Please contact us for the most current allied product price list which will indicate which items can and cannot be shipped.

Delivery Routes: Café Campesino offers delivery to qualified customers in the Atlanta metro area (weekly) and in Savannah (biweekly). Please speak with our customer service folks to discuss if delivery is possible.  There is a $10 delivery charge for coffee orders less than 25lbs.



Payment by ACH: To streamline the bookkeeping associated with their purchases, many of our customers prefer to pay by Automated Clearing House (ACH), which enables Café Campesino to initiate debit (and credit) entries to the Customer’s deposit account for invoice payments (and credits). Please complete and submit our ACH Authorization Agreement to get set up with ACH.

Payment by Credit Card: Customers may pay by credit card. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. 

Credit & Terms: For information about eligibility please contact us.


Order Café Campesino wholesale fair trade coffee.


Packaging: Our coffee is packaged in 12 oz., 1, 2 and 5 pound bags.

  • 12 oz, 1 lb, and 2lb pound bags: packaged in kraft-color Biotre bags, which are 60% compostable wood pulp and 40% fast-disintegrating polyethylene with a one-way degassing valve, which is  designed to allow pressure to be released from the airtight package while not allowing external atmosphere to enter. 

  • 5 lb bags: Biotre bags are not available for 5 lb bulk bags. Instead, we offer a choice of heat-sealed, foil-laminate bags with a one-way degassing valve or kraft paper bags, lined with polypropylene but which are not airtight. Our foil bags are barrier bags that seal out moisture, oxygen, and light, providing for extended shelf life. Our kraft bags are natural paper bags recommended for customers who will be transferring the coffee to a different container for storage upon receipt of the delivery. 

Grinding: We encourage leaving coffee as whole beans until brewing time. However, when this is not possible, we will grind the coffee based on your brewing method.

Roast Styles:  Our coffee offering includes a broad variety of single origin coffees, blended coffees, espressos, and natural water process decaffeinated coffees, roasted-to-order using the following styles:

Medium Roast: Light body, bright nutty flavor. Light brown beans with no oil present on the surface. 

Full City Roast: Retains some of the brightness and nutty flavor of lighter roasts but picks up the rich and sweet character of darker roasts. Patches of natural coffee oils emerge on the surface. 

Viennese Roast: On the light side of dark, this roast has the richness of French Roast without the carbon-smoky flavor. The bean will be dark reddish brown and only slightly oily. 

French Roast: Very bold flavor and deep, dark color with a rich, syrupy taste. Beans are covered with natural coffee oils. View our French Roast coffees.