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Herbal teas include any infusion made from flowers, bark, fruit, or leaves of any plant other than true tea (Camillia sinensis). With the exception of Yerba Mate, the contain no caffeine.
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Choice Chamomile Herb Tea (caffeine free) Choice Lemon Lavender Mint Tea (caffeine free)
Our Price: $4.50
Our Price: $4.50
Choice Chamomile Herb Tea Choice FT Organic Lemon Lavender Mint Tea
A select Egyptian chamomile with round deep body, lingering sweetness with an elegant, floral flavor. (Caffeine Free) 16 bags/box (14g) A caffeine-free sophisticated blend combining lavender blossoms with layers of mellow lemon and crisp mint for a fresh, yet soft-tasting tea. 16 bags/box (24g)

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