Our Favorites

Need help choosing which of our great fair trade organic coffees you should buy? Here are three of our favorites:  Bill starts most days with a french press brew of Ethiopian coffee. It hard to beat this fine coffee that hails from the origin of all coffee.  If you're looking for a strong, bold cup, try one of Dave's favorites - our Critical Mass blend originally inspired by the Critical Mass cycling movement.  Finally, a seasonal coffee in-stock right now is Nicaragua Medium. You can't miss this easy-to-drink, fantastic coffee!

Ethiopia Sidama

0 stars

Ethiopian coffees delight coffee lovers for their bright acidities and unique flavor profiles.  This light-to-medium body coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia offers notes of cherry and citrus fruits and has become a favorite at our roastery...
Nicaragua Medium Roast Coffee

5 stars

This fair trade, organic coffee is light-bodied with an herbal fragrance and a light floral, fruity flavor.   It is produced by members of the PROCOCER cooperative of the Las Segovias region of northwestern Nicaragua. Founded by small farmers in the...
Critical Mass Blend French Roast Coffee

5 stars

A powerful, dark-roast blend of coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia Sidama, and Sumatra, Critical Mass is a favorite of coffee drinkers who like something a little bold.  It is notable for being both full-bodied and having a pronounced acidity.  We...