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Nicaragua Medium Roast Coffee

( 4 Reviews )

This fair trade, organic coffee has flavor notes of tobacco, raisin and milk chocolate, a balanced body, and mild acidity.

Las Diosas: A Women-Owned & Operated Cooperative

Grown by an all-female group of coffee farmers, this Nicaraguan harvest comes to us from Las Diosas, or “the Goddesses” of Esteli, Nicaragua. Located in northwestern Nicaragua, about 90 miles north of Managua, the country’s capital, Las Diosas represents four independent cooperatives that total some 362 female farmers.

Empowered Women in Rural Nicaragua

Founded in 2012, Las Diosas was born out of the feminist non-profit La Fem that has worked since 1995 to empower rural women in the Esteli area. Recognizing rural women had very little control over their own bodies and little-to-no access to economic mobility, La Fem has existed to help local women achieve autonomy and self-reliance. La Fem has trained women to work in trades that have been traditionally dominated by men, such as farming, welding, carpentry and construction. It has also offered workshops for victims of sexual assault; organized mobile clinics specializing in women’s health and provided educational support for everything from literacy to improving one’s study habits.  (Learn more about La Fem from a 2012 blog post).

La Fem’s efforts ultimately helped create several women-owned and operated cooperatives such as Las Diosas. Today, Las Diosas’s some 360 members supply specialty grade, certified organic, fair trade coffee to buyers in Canada, the U.S. and western Europe.

AROMA: Vanilla, Malt, Dark Chocolate
BODY: Balanced
FLAVOR NOTES: Tobacco, Raisin, Milk Chocolate

Elevation: 1000- 1,250 m
Varietals: Caturra, Parainema, Marsellesa
Suggested Brewing Method: Auto Drip

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4 Reviews

Stephanie Copeland Jul 31st 2020

Nicaragua Coffee

Very good coffee. Very smooth and full of flavor. Wonderful company to buy from too.

Jill Elizabeth Aug 19th 2019

My Favorite Cafe Campesino Blend for 20 Years!

This is the first blend I tried from Cafe Campesino nearly 20 years ago and I still love it. It's very smooth with a strong flavor and delicious aroma. I've tried others and have enjoyed them but the Nicaragua blend will always be at the top of my list.

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