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Original Espresso Blend Medium Roast Coffee

( 2 Reviews )

Our proprietary espresso blend is combined with Central American light roasted beans to create a bright espresso blend with a rich, tan crema. It is considered a Medium Roast Espresso Blend and is also good for espresso drinks or brewing by the cup at home. Available in a variety of grind options.

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2 Reviews

Hayley May 11th 2020


We were stuck on the EasyGoing espresso blend, since that is what our local coffee shop uses and sells. We love it but since trying this one though, we will be switching it up from now on. This easily became one of our favorites. We love this company because the beans are not so strong you have to pile all the sugar in to drink it. We use no sugar and have been able to reduce the amount of cream we use as well for our lattes. I am not a coffee aficionado by any means but I have tried other beans and coffees, this is by far the best we've found!

Gerald Eads Jul 31st 2017

Best of the best!

I started fiddling with home espresso machines at least 25 years ago. Three years ago I splurged (not long ago you could buy a car for that much) on a Duetto. My better half and I always hunt down independent espresso shops in our travels, and sometimes I can't resist bringing home a pound of beans of the blend a shop uses for their phenomenal coffee. I've also tried every blend from the Campesino wizards. Some of the ones from the travels remain pretty good in my home, and of course the other Campesino magical mixes are great, but I ALWAYS come back to this wondrous Original. I love it, but the true test is my better half with her penchant for "dry" cappucinos (I mean DRY - foam and a quad shot). The Duetto and Original please her more than anything we've found out there. Bravo, ladies and gents.

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