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Benevolent Blend Medium Roast Coffee

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"Benevolent: adjective: well meaning and kindly."

We are convinced that we could all use a little more benevolence in our lives.  This blend is a nod to our own capacity to create kindness - in others' lives and in our own.

Some of the most benevolent actors in the specialty coffee world are the men and women who grow and harvest this coffee.  They are benevolent not only in how they tend to their plants and prepare and sort coffee to sell to us, but they are also benevolent in how they treat fellow members of their cooperative. 

"We do this to help those who have the least among us. They need us to keep them in mind,”  one leader of a farmer cooperative said as he visited us in Americus.  Supporting fellow community members is always on the mind of cooperative leaders.  They know their work to sell coffee and maintain buyer relationships is an essential piece to a thriving community (not just a business).

We are forever inspired by the benevolence of the cooperatives who supply us with coffee. 

Fair trade and organic, his light-bodied coffee with a sweet, fruity fragrance, a fresh, sweet aftertaste, and a gentle, slightly tart acidity.   It is a blend of coffees from Central and South America and Sumatra, Indonesia.

AROMA: Almonds, Vanilla, Honey
BODY: Light-to-Medium
FLAVOR NOTES: Caramel, berry and honey
ACIDITY:  Medium

Recommended Brew Method:

Hario V60

Start with a 1:17 brew ratio.

Learn more about brewing a Hario V60 here.


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4 Reviews

Georgia Aug 4th 2020

Benevolent blend

Smooth, fragrant, soft & wonderful.

John Nov 21st 2017

Our new favorite - better than ST*****KS

Found this coffee in a hospital cafeteria, of all places! It's quite a nice cafeteria and the coffee did not disappoint. I am very glad they had an emblem on the carafe stating what was being served. I drink my coffee black and was sold on it on the the first cup. Took another cup up to my family member who was hospitalized and the amazement continued. We order it from Cafe Campesino 5 pounds at the time. If you like a smooth medium coffee, this is the one. Waste no time!

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