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Benevolent Blend Medium Roast Coffee

1 lb $13.95 | 2 lb $27.20 | 5 lb $67.25
( 3 Reviews )

This fair trade, organic coffee is a lighter blend of medium roasted Bolivian and Colombia beans with Sumatra Viennese Roast added for extra richness. It is medium-bodied with a sweet, fruity fragrance, a fresh, sweet taste, and gentle, medium acidity, and is available in a variety of grind options.


From our coffee cupping:

    • Aroma: Nutty, vanilla, honey
    • Body: light-medium
    • Flavor: Caramalized, slight grapefruit and raspberry
    • Acidity: Medium
    • Notes: A pleasant, sweet and fruity blend


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This medium-bodied coffee has a sweet, fruity fragrance and a fresh, sweet taste with a gentle, medium acidity.

3 Reviews

John Nov 21st 2017

Our new favorite - better than ST*****KS

Found this coffee in a hospital cafeteria, of all places! It's quite a nice cafeteria and the coffee did not disappoint. I am very glad they had an emblem on the carafe stating what was being served. I drink my coffee black and was sold on it on the the first cup. Took another cup up to my family member who was hospitalized and the amazement continued. We order it from Cafe Campesino 5 pounds at the time. If you like a smooth medium coffee, this is the one. Waste no time!

Benjamin Bolton Sep 8th 2017

My New Favorite Coffee

I have gone through five one pound bags of the Benevolent blend and it is consistently better than any other bean in my pantry. I highly recommend to my friends and family to give it a try.

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