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Critical Mass Blend French Roast Coffee

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A powerful, dark-roast blend of coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia Sidama, and Sumatra, Critical Mass is a favorite of coffee drinkers who like something a little bold.  It is notable for being both full-bodied and having a pronounced acidity.  We were inspired to use the term "Critical Mass" after participating in monthly bike rides in the Atlanta area- where hundreds of cyclists would fill the city streets for one evening.  But "Critical Mass" also refers to that important number of something that helps move, a project, business or movement along.  When you reach a "Critical Mass," something previously unattainable suddenly becomes viable.  We find it to be  hopeful term that we have found ourselves using many times over the years.  Perhaps one day, fair trade will have reached a "Critical Mass" of customers to where it becomes the norm in international business...... 

2 Reviews

PJ Feb 21st 2017

My only coffee

I used to get this where I work. I tried other options and once you go Campesino, you can't go back!

CS in Atlanta Aug 26th 2016

A fantastic rich blend for your morning

We've sampled a lot of blends looking for the something with that south american body, but more depth than a single origin from there. We love this blend for our first morning pot. If we have a second, we'll cut this blend with a lighter single origin for more depth but less punch. We have young twin boys, we could not make it through a morning without this in our house.

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