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    Your customer service and attention to detail is just wonderful and has made sure our gift conveys genuine gratitude to our clients for their business. Many thanks!!
    Alexandra (Client Relations & Business Development)
    We are loyal fans of Cafe Campesino--for the flavor, but equally important to us, for the business practices and for the "local"--as in not shipping across country from the West Coast--carbon footprint...Thank you so much for the great coffee...and for caring about people and the planet....such good work....
    Beth Ann
    Thanks for taking care of this. We appreciate your terrific customer service - and of course the coffee!!

    Love the wealth of information on your site. I have enjoyed your coffee from local CSA boxes and I believe you sometimes have a booth/stand at the East Point Farmers' Market - will be looking for you there, if that is the case. Otherwise will definitely be ordering online. Thanks again!

    Dear Cafe Campesino ~ Thanks sooooo much! We love your service almost as much as we love your coffee :-) Best regards,


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