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Easygoing Espresso Blend Full City Roast Coffee

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Our Easygoing Espresso is a rich coffee with pronounced berry notes that comes from our combination of a proprietary espresso blend and South American beans.

Smooth but stout and full bodied, Easygoing Espresso produces a golden crema when brewed on an espresso machine.  It works very well in espresso-based beverages, offering a rich, fruity foundation for a latte or cappuccino and truly shines with the addition of steamed milk. It is considered a Full City Roast Espresso Blend. 

This is also an excellent blend for drip-coffee brewing, which is great if you are drinking this at home and don't have an espresso machine.  Try brewing Easygoing Espresso with a French Press, Hario V60 or standard drip coffee maker.  It's tasty. 

AROMA: Dry fruit, maple syrup
Orange-like citrus, fruity and floral

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2 Reviews

Dayana Apr 22nd 2020

Love it!

We discovered this blend at ‘The Bean’ in Savannah GA. We haven’t stopped purchasing the fresh whole bean version since! Favorite espresso by far! Thank you!!

C Fletcher Feb 15th 2018

Great Coffee

Not bitter, just a great cup of Joe!

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