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Cafe Campesino

Georgia Conservancy Blend

Aroma: Sweet, honey
Body: Medium
Flavor: Caramel, sweet, nut
Acidity: Soft
Roast Level: Viennese
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We have recently adjusted our grind options. With that in mind, we wanted to offer this primer so that you can choose the best grind-style for your preferred brewing method.

Whole Bean-- While we are happy to grind your beans, your coffee will stay fresher longer if you grind it as you go. There are many great home grinder options out there and many are surprisingly inexpensive.

Drip-- This is a medium grind that is the most versatile. Brewing methods using drip include home coffee drip machines, pour-overs (like Hario), Chemex, and AeroPress.

Espresso-- This grind is generally used for espresso makers. This includes home machines and stove-tip espresso pots. The grind is the most fine and is optimized to work with a high pressure extraction system.

Coarse-- Coarse is for percolators, french press, cold brewing, and sometimes AeroPress. Coarse is the biggest/loosest grind and enables water to move more freely steeping coffee for extraction.

All of the above, while generally true in the industry, also should be adjusted for preference. Feel free to experiment and please contact us if you have questions and we will be happy to work with you.

Georgia Conservancy Blend is full-bodied with hints of chocolate and a mildly smoky aftertaste. A stout, adventurous coffee if there ever was one! A pre-dawn stroll along the beaches of Sapelo Island, a crisp, foggy morning on the Flint River, a sunrise over Cloudland Canyon, the Georgia Conservancy loves waking up to Georgia’s beautiful natural wonders. And with a cup of Café Campesino's Georgia Conservancy Blend in our hand, it’s just that much better.

Since 1967, the Georgia Conservancy’s mission to protect and conserve Georgia’s natural resources is driven by a vision of a Georgia where people and the environment thrive. And through our Stewardship Trips program, we introduce hundreds of people annually to our state’s most precious places, building advocates for their protection and conservation. In addition to fueling our statewide service trips and weekend adventures, Café Campesino has been a longtime supporter of the Georgia Conservancy and its environmentally-focused efforts in sustainable growth planning, land conservation, coastal protection, and advocacy.

Available in a variety of grind options.

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Trace our coffee contracts

Click the lot number of this coffee on our Current Coffee Lots page, or visit

Learn more about all of our trading partners on our Trading Partners Page

Customer Reviews (1)

Really good, despite not being the type of roast I prefer. Definitely recommend (esp. if you like medium-to-dark roasts, and supporting important things)

I like the mild-to-medium roasts usually, but I have tried a couple charitable blends from Campesino. I really like this one. It has a proportion of light and darker beans, but nothing so dark that it tastes like burnt toast (which is popular for many big name-brand roasters). I prefer the Ethiopian and Columbian so far, which are both lighter roasts, but for a medium-to-dark roast, this is my favorite so far. I will probably buy it again for some variety. Charlie
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