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School Grounds Blend Full City Roast Coffee

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A medium-bodied blend with notes of dark chocolate and cherry, School Grounds Full City Roast Blend is a collaboration that supports our local Americus-based charter school, Furlow Charter School. 

In launching this blend, we worked with Furlow to get label design submissions from students as a part of an art contest. 

The inaugural design was done by Furlow scholar Adaja Brown, and we used that on the coffee for its first year.  After that, we did another contest with students at Furlow to develop a second iteration of the label.  Tori Dukes, class of 2021, won that contest, and that label is currently on the bag.

A blend of African and South American coffees, School Grounds Blend is a complex and delightful coffee. It carries distinct aromas of caramel and brown sugar – sweet and warm to get you ready for a scholarly day (or any day, for that matter).

The first sips of School Grounds are like a semi-sweet baker’s chocolate, full of flavor, mellowing out into a smooth fruitiness (think raspberries and key lime) and finishing with a toasted nut aftertaste. This is a crowd-pleaser, not too light and not too dark. This lively coffee retains some of the acidity and fruity notes characteristic of African coffees, but it is mellowed perfectly by the chocolatey tones and velvety body of the South American coffee. Tasty by itself or with cream.

To purchase some coffee locally, please contact Furlow Charter School at (229) 931-8667 or visit Cafe Campesino's downtown Americus coffee shop located at 134 W Lamar St.


From our coffee cupping:

    • Aroma: caramel, tomato, plantain
    • Body: low-medium
    • Flavor: cherry and chocolate
    • Acidity: medium-high
    • Notes: A delicious chocolatey blend to support our local school


Suggested Brewing Method:

Hario V60

Start with a 1:17 brew ratio.

Learn more about brewing a V60 here.

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