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Type A Espresso Blend French Roast Coffee

( 5 Reviews )

Our proprietary espresso blend combined with that employs the bright acidities of Ethiopia Sidama coffees and the deep smokiness of our dark roast Colombian coffee.  The result is a strong, smoky and bold espresso.  A French Roast blend, this coffee could be easily consumed as a drip coffee- robust and full-bodied for chilly winter mornings- or in the form of espresso.

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5 Reviews

Paul Sep 16th 2019

Cold Brew Grind

Great coffee Burr ground to perfection. The result, my cold brew coffee improved infinity and beyond!

bjl Dec 4th 2017

good espresso

we always add a bag or two of whole bean espresso to our order---- never know if it needs to be made for regular coffee in a.m. or dessert drinks at night. good stuff

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