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Read about Grind Types

We have recently adjusted our grind options. With that in mind, we wanted to offer this primer so that you can choose the best grind-style for your preferred brewing method.

Whole Bean-- While we are happy to grind your beans, your coffee will stay fresher longer if you grind it as you go. There are many great home grinder options out there and many are surprisingly inexpensive.

Drip-- This is a medium grind that is the most versatile. Brewing methods using drip include home coffee drip machines, pour-overs (like Hario), Chemex, and AeroPress.

Espresso-- This grind is generally used for espresso makers. This includes home machines and stove-tip espresso pots. The grind is the most fine and is optimized to work with a high pressure extraction system.

Coarse-- Coarse is for percolators, french press, cold brewing, and sometimes AeroPress. Coarse is the biggest/loosest grind and enables water to move more freely steeping coffee for extraction.

All of the above, while generally true in the industry, also should be adjusted for preference. Feel free to experiment and please contact us if you have questions and we will be happy to work with you.

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Product Overview

Make Cold Brew at Home

The perfect way to make iced coffee at home.  Known for its low-acidity, cold brew coffee is brewed by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for 12-24 hours.  In this Cold Brew pack, we have done all of the hard work for you.  We have pre-ground and pre-portioned our Guatemalan coffee and sealed it in a filter pack so you can easily drop one pack into cold water.  It's an easy, clean way to brew your own cold brew at home. Your one-pound bag includes five 3.2 oz. filter packs that can make up to 20 servings of delicious, ice-cold cold brew.

Cold Brew Flavor Profile

The coffee is grown in the Highlands of Guatemala by small-scale farmers of either the Chajul cooperative or the APECAFORM cooperative.  Both cooperatives produce a similar flavor profile that when cold-brewed showcases deep notes of dark chocolate and sweet, orange-like undertones. Expect a much lower acidity than what you would find when you brew our Guatemala coffee hot.

The more recently your cold brew is steeped, the fresher it is and the deeper and more pleasant the flavors will be.  We recommend you brew often, and keep it fresh.

Brewing Cold Brew that is Ready-to-Drink

You can use your filter packs to make ready-to-drink cold brew by dropping one pack into 24-36 oz of filtered water and letting it sit over night.  Remove the filter pack, pour over ice, and your homemade cold brew is ready to drink.  Drink within 3 days for optimum flavor.

  • Drop 1 filter pack
  • in 24-36 oz of cold, filtered water
  • Steep 12-24 hours 
  • Remove filter pack
  • Pour over ice
  • Serve!

Brewing a Cold Brew Concentrate

Short on fridge space or want to make your brew last longer?  Consider making a cold brew concentrate.  Instead of dropping your filter pack in 24-36 oz of water, drop it in about 16 oz. instead.  Let your filter pack steep for 12-24 hours.  When you remove the cold brew filter pack, you'll have a cold brew concentrate that can remain fresh in your refrigerator for up to 7 days.  When you are ready to serve, simply use a 1:1 ratio of cold brew concentrate-to-water to dilute your coffee.

  • Drop 1 filter pack
  • in 16 oz of cold, filtered water
  • Steep 12-24 hours 
  • Remove filter pack
  • Pour 4 oz of Concentrate in Cup
  • Add 4 oz of Filtered water to Concentrate
  • Add Ice
  • Serve!

Have a Party: Brew for a Group

If you want to have a gallon of cold brew ready for a party this summer, you can easily prepare that, too.  Start by making a cold brew concentrate using all five filter packs.  Simply drop five filter packs into 90 fluid oz of water and let your coffee and water steep in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.  Remove your filter packs, and you will have about 64 oz. or one-half gallon of cold brew concentrate.  When you are ready to serve, simply add 64 oz of filtered water to your concentrate, and you'll have 1 gallon of cold brew for your party.  Serve over ice, and you'll have about 16-20 servings  ready for your guests.

Make your Own Recipe: Play with Brewing Variables

Like with all coffee brewing, you should find a recipe that best meets your flavor preferences.  Changing the amount of water you use or the amount of time you brew your coffee are two ways to experiment with your recipe. If you like a strong cold brew, tweak the above recipes by adding less water.  If that doesn't cut it, try a longer steeping time (You might make a ready-to-drink cold brew using 24 oz of water, steeped for 24 hours).  If you don't like strong iced coffee, try steeping your filter pack with 36 oz of water for 12 hours.   And, if you end up making a cold brew concentrate, you can play with your strength in each glass you pour by simply adding more or less water to the concentrate.  Find what YOU like, and have fun.

Additional Cold Brew Recipes

When you've got your perfect cold brew recipe established,  start looking for fun recipes to incorporate your freshly made cold brew. Check out our Iced Coffee Recipes on our Recipes Blog for ideas.

As with all of our coffees, our cold brew packs use fair trade, certified organic, shade-grown coffee.

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    Great Choice!

    Posted by Phyllis Zapor on Apr 10th 2021

    This is a very smooth tasting, wonderfully easy way to make cold brew, no fancy schmancy machinery required! Great product for the hot Arizona summers.