An Aeropress Recipe For Brewing at Home

Posted by Hannah Mercer on Aug 11th 2017

An Aeropress Recipe For Brewing at Home

An Aeropress is a small, easily portable brewing device made by Aerobie. This brewer is primarily made of plastic, so it is ideal for traveling and very inexpensive, usually retailing around $25 dollars. It required very little clean up, and can use a variety of grind sizes to make an easy cup of coffee. The markings on the side make it possible to judge how much water to use, without having to take a scale on every trip.

Equipment Needed:

Aeropress Coffee Maker
Aeropress filters or metal disc filter
Freshly ground coffee (between drip and French Press grind)
Brewing vessel/server
Hot water
Spoon or Paddle for stirring
Scale (optional)
Brew Ratio: 1 gram Coffee; 15-18 grams water
Water Temperature: 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit
Brew Time: 1-3 minutes


1) Insert the paper filter into the cap of the Aeropress brewer. Prewet using warm water to rinse any paper flavor.

2) Assemble the plunger and body of the brewer, setting them upside down so the opening of the brewing chamber faces up. Your plunger should be somewhere around the 4 marker.

3) Heat your water to the proper brewing temperature

4) Grind coffee to your desired grind size. Slightly coarser than drip grind is recommended.

5) Add your desired weight of coffee to the brewing chamber, making sure to keep the threads at the top clean. If they have coffee on them it will not form a strong seal and will create a mess while brewing.


1) Once your water reaches the appropriate temperature, slowly add your desired amount of water.

2) Your steep time should be between 1-3 minutes, depending on the size of your grind. The smaller the grind, the shorter the steep time.

3) Halfway through your steep time, stir to make sure all grinds are in contact with the water.

4) Once you have stirred, ft the cap onto the brewing chamber, making sure it is tightened all the way.

5) At the end of your steep time, flip the entire device over and seat it quickly onto the rim of your mug or brewing vessel.

6) Slowly push down on the plunger, forcing the water through the coffee grounds and filter, into the cup.

7) You can dilute the brewed coffee with hot water to your desired strength, or enjoy as is for a slightly concentrated coffee drink.

8) To clean, remove the cap and depress the plunger fully to eject the coffee puck and filter from the Aeropress.