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Maty's Blend Full City Roast Coffee

( 6 Reviews )

A fair trade, organic blend from coffees from Latin America and Africa. This is a well-balanced coffee with a fruity flavor and aroma, medium body, and low acidity. It's an easy-to-drink coffee that's great for multiple cups throughout the day.

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6 Reviews

Anne Jul 25th 2019

My favorite daily cup

Maty's Blend is a delicious, rich cup with a hint of sweetness. It is a good replacement for the now-discontinued Mondo Kawan that I loved for many years.

AvatarDad Oct 1st 2017

A nice balanced cup

This is one of my "go to" coffees at CC; after checking for what is new I nearly always order a bag of this and a bag of "Justice", and maybe a couple bags of single origins to try out. (You can't go wrong no matter what you pick). Maty's blend is a nice City+/Full City roast with cocoa and mild citrus hints. One of the reviewers said it was a little "plain" and that's not unfair, although I don't think every coffee has to yell its origin. A nice, calm, balanced cup is just what I want some days. This is a terrific every day coffee, but is also a good choice for company. They will all ask "hey... what's this? It is great!" Compliments to the host; you did a good job picking a crowd-pleasing coffee everyone will love.

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