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Mexico Chiapas Full City Roast Coffee

Trading Partner: Maya Vinic
Aroma: Milk chocolate, vanilla
Body: Medium-to-full
Flavor: Earthy, chocolate, sweet
Acidity: Low-to-Medium
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A medium-bodied coffee with a nice, chocolate aftertaste, this fair trade, organic Mexican coffee from our trading partners at Maya Vinic is a staple in our coffee line-up. This year, we are enjoying it more than ever.  

Maya Vinic Background

Based in Chiapas, Mexico, Maya Vinic is composed of 656 farmer families who joined together after the 1997 Acteal massacre that took the lives of 45 of their community members.  Inspired by the traditions of their ancestors, Maya Vinic operates with a respect for local language and culture, and a reverence for Mother Earth and traditional forms of self government.  Farmers are based in the municipalities of Chenalhó, Pantelhó and Chalchihuitán.

Long-term Sourcing Relationship

Cafe Campesino began sourcing coffee from Maya Vinic in 2002, when the cooperative exported its first container of coffee under fair-trade terms.  We have always been inspired by the resilience, diligence and commitment to community Maya Vinic farmers have shown.  In the past 17 years, we have seen the quality of Maya Vinic coffee excel, while cooperative leadership remained committed to getting more money back to farmer members.  Maya Vinic now roasts and sells its coffee throughout Mexico, as well as from its own coffee shop in San Cristobal de las Casas. 

Maya Vinic's Continued Commitment to Organic Coffee Farming

In recent years, the cooperative has worked to improve its organic farming practices, borrowing best practices in organic coffee farming from fellow small-scale farmer cooperatives.  In 2017, Maya Vinic instituted training for 162 farmers at various field schools located within its communities.  There, farmers learned how to improve their traps for the coffee boring beetle, improve their composting practices and develop basic mineral broths to enhance soil fertility and overall coffee plant health.  We believe their work has paid off.  Learn more about Maya Vinic.

Elevation: 1,000 - 1,650 m

Varietals: Typica, Oro Azteca, Garnica

Region: Chiapas, Mexico

Suggested Brewing Method: Auto-Drip

Available in a variety of grind options.


Mexico Chiapas - Maya Vinic - Cupping Notes

Aroma: Nutty, Caramel-like
Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Nougat, Caramel
Body: Medium
Acidity: Light-to-Medium

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Customer Reviews (10)

Bold chocolate taste

First time I've purchased this coffee and I love it. As the label notes, this is a bold coffee with a pronounced chocolate aftertaste. Wouldn't necessarily be the one I reach for in a 2-3 cup morning blend, but really enjoy it as an after-dinner coffee. Dessert and coffee all in one glass! Paul B

New favorite morning cup

Fantastic coffee. Chiapas Maya Vinic has a great lingering chocolate flavor, but also a nice citrusy tang that I've come to love drinking black first thing in the morning. Kent Dagnall

Friends and family always comment

Delicious! We love it in our French Press and slow drip. Supports a great community, too! M.S

Perfect for espresso!

Supports also an outstanding cooperative Enrico Massetti


great to wake up to
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