Coffee House Essentials

Cafe Campesino is proud to be your one-stop shop for sustainable coffee house essentials. We’ll help you provide your customers the best fair trade and organic products available. The list below is only a sampling of our offerings. Contact us today at 888-532-4728 or through our wholesale inquiry form and ask for a price sheet to see our full line of products.

Fair Trade, Organic Teas

Cafe Campesino is proud to work with  Rishi Teas to offer some of the best-tasting, most sustainably sourced teas on the market place.

  • Rishi high quality teas
    • A selection of high-quality, organic, black, green and herbal teas
    • Available in Retail boxes (15 packs/box); pre-portioned for an 8oz. cup
    • Available in Bulk Boxes (50 packs/box)
    • 1lb Loose-leaf varieties available
    • Pre-portioned food service packages for iced tea brewing
    • Ideal for restaurants and coffee houses

All Natural Smoothie and Frappe Bases

  • Neutral Frappe Base for building smooth, delicious blended frappes
  • 100% fruit puree Dr. Smoothie -- a smoothie base -- including organic selections

Sauces, Syrups, and Dairy Alternatives for Espresso Drink-building

  • A line of certified organic syrups by Holy Kakow
  • A selection of Monin gourmet syrups
  • Pacific Barista Series shelf-stable, non-dairy milks including Almond, Coconut Oat and Soy 
  • Cocoa powder direct from our partners in Antigua, Guatemala, ideal for coffee houses that make their own chocolate sauce
  • Ghirardelli Sauces including Chocolate, Caramel, and White Chocolate

Coffee House Supplies

  • World Centric certified compostable hot cups, lids, and cutlery
  • World Centric certified compostable to-go containers
  • World Centric certified compostable cups , lids, and straws
  • Wooden stir sticks
  • Coffee carriers
  • Java jackets
  • Joe To-Go Boxes for 128 oz. of coffee
  • 1 lb. Kraft Bags
  • Cafetto Espresso Cleaner

Contact us today to see our full line of products!