Sumatra French Roast Coffee

Cafe Campesino

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Sweet, earthy
Earthy, smoky, bold
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Read about Grind Types

We have recently adjusted our grind options. With that in mind, we wanted to offer this primer so that you can choose the best grind-style for your preferred brewing method.

Whole Bean-- While we are happy to grind your beans, your coffee will stay fresher longer if you grind it as you go. There are many great home grinder options out there and many are surprisingly inexpensive.

Drip-- This is a medium grind that is the most versatile. Brewing methods using drip include home coffee drip machines, pour-overs (like Hario), Chemex, and AeroPress.

Espresso-- This grind is generally used for espresso makers. This includes home machines and stove-tip espresso pots. The grind is the most fine and is optimized to work with a high pressure extraction system.

Coarse-- Coarse is for percolators, french press, cold brewing, and sometimes AeroPress. Coarse is the biggest/loosest grind and enables water to move more freely steeping coffee for extraction.

All of the above, while generally true in the industry, also should be adjusted for preference. Feel free to experiment and please contact us if you have questions and we will be happy to work with you.

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Product Overview

This coffee is produced by Kokowagayo, an all-woman cooperative of organic farmers. Kokowagayo was founded in 2014, after female farmers at the Permata Gayo cooperative wanted to apply their farming skills toward focused, female empowerment. At Kokowagayo, women manage all farming and business practices for their cooperative. As a result, members improve their business skills, earn more money and improve their quality of life.

Learn more about Kokowagayo.

Available in a variety of grind options.


(12 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Sumatra French Roast

    Posted by Patricia Kyritsi Howell on May 30th 2024

    As a confirmed French Roast lover, this coffee delivers the warm, smokey flavor I am looking for—to ease me into the morning!

  • 5
    Sumatra French Roast

    Posted by Dusty Bock on Mar 27th 2024

    I love the taste of this coffee. It is robust without being overpowering.

  • 5
    Sumatra French Roast

    Posted by James Young on Mar 19th 2024

    This is our go to whole bean coffee for the last 6-7 years. We love the bold smoky flavor and so do all our friends who have commented on how much they, too, love it. Hard to keep it a secret....

  • 5
    Sumatra French Roast

    Posted by David Sanders on Apr 25th 2023

    Probably the best coffee I have ever tasted. And I drink a lot of coffee! Very dark and flavorful.

  • 5
    Sumatra French Roas

    Posted by Jane on Mar 7th 2023

    My morning coffee. Afternoon coffee. Every day for years. I love it!

  • 5
    French Roast Sumatra from Cafe Campesino

    Posted by James on Dec 30th 2022

    Our go to brand and roast for the last 7 or 8 years. 5 lb. bag every time.

  • 5

    Posted by Kyle on Dec 14th 2020

    I've had much Sumatra in my day, but the balance between body, controlled acidity and delicious flavor profiles makes this Sumatra stand-out! It's a consistent purchase for our household.

  • 5
    Crowd Favorite

    Posted by Doug Glass on Nov 21st 2019

    Out of all of the coffees I've served our friends, this the crowd favorite. Even people who don't like coffee generally like this single origin bean.

  • 5

    Posted by C. Fletcher on Oct 21st 2018

    I first had your coffee at Bucks Coffee Cafe in Cashiers NC. I am hooked! I love the Sumatra and Bucks Blend.