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Sumatra French Roast Coffee

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( 2 Reviews )

This fair trade, organic coffee has an earthy, nutty aroma with hints of wet soil. The flavor is smoky and earthy providing a heavy body and a bold taste. Produced by our Sumatran trading partners. Available in a variety of grind options.


From our coffee cupping:

    • Aroma: malt, molasses, sweet
    • Body: Medium-high
    • Flavor: raw cane syrup, sweet and smoky
    • Acidity: Medium
    • Notes: A dark, sweet coffee


Suggested Brewing Method: French Press

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An earthy, sweet cup of coffee that's well-balanced with smooth, medium body.

2 Reviews

Judi Aug 5th 2017

Our fave

French Roast Sumatra from Cafe Campesino has been our morning brew for several years now. Dark, smoky and yummy.

Mara Obelcz Feb 10th 2016

hubby's favorite

excellent wake up coffee, smooth

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