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Mad Poet Blend Viennese Roast Coffee

( 5 Reviews )

Sometimes we all need to harness the Mad Poet within– the creative, daring, “think-outside-of-the-box” side that keeps life fun and might even provoke a little introspection and self-growth.

This blend was originally conceived by one of our regular coffee house customers who embodied the “Mad Poet” spirit– a personality type we’ve come to adore at Café Campesino and one that, in many ways, encapsulates our dream to make specialty coffee fair for small-scale farmers.

A blend of African, Central American and Indonesian coffees, Mad Poet is full-bodied with a roast profile that brings a little heft but still allows for bright African acidities. It’s a great way to start your day.

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5 Reviews

Jerry crochet Jul 25th 2020


I am trying all types of your delicious coffees. SO FAR SOOOOOO GOOD. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ....

Rebecca Carte Oct 11th 2019

Best coffee I've ever had

Whenever people visit they rave about how good this coffee is. At first I tried to keep a variety in the house, but then I decided, Why bother? This is our absolute favorite!

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