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Cafe Campesino's Holiday Blend Coffee Atlanta Audubon Society Blend Full City Roast Coffee Half Caff Blend French Roast Coffee Colombia Medium Roast Coffee
Atlanta Audubon Society Full City Roast Coffee
1lb: $12.95 | 2lb: $24.75 | 5lb: $59
Half Caff Blend French Roast Coffee
1lb: $12.95 | 2lb: $24.75 | 5lb: $59
Colombia Medium Roast Coffee
1lb: $13.95 | 2lb:$26.70 | 5lb:$63.65
A blend of Mexican, Colombian and Ethiopia Sidamo coffees packaged in a 12 oz. reusable tin.
Well-balanced coffee that has a smoky aroma with a nutty, chocolate fragrance and flavor, low acidity, and a sweet aftertaste. Half blend of a regular French Roast coffee and a full-bodied French Roast decaf. A medium roasted coffee with sweet, fruity fragrances, a complex flavor, and a low, gentle acidity.

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