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Nicaragua French Roast Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo Full City Roast Coffee Nicaragua Medium Roast Coffee Benevolent Blend Medium Roast
Nicaragua French Roast Coffee
1lb: $12.95 | 2lb: $24.75 | 5lb: $59
Ethiopia Sidamo Full City Roast Coffee
1lb: $13.95 | 2lb:$26.70 | 5lb:$63.65
Nicaragua Medium Roast Coffee
1lb: $12.95 | 2lb: $24.75 | 5lb: $59
Benevolent Blend Medium Roast Coffee
1 lb: $12.95 | 2lb: $24.75 | 5lb: $59
Light-bodied with a soft, herbal fragrance and smoky aroma. Robust flavor with medium acidity and a short aftertaste. Sweet, citrusy, full-bodied cup of coffee. This light-bodied coffee has an herbal fragrance and sweet flavor with a pronounced acidity. This medium-bodied coffee has a sweet, fruity fragrance and a fresh, sweet taste with a gentle, medium acidity.

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