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Aerobie AEROPRESS Coffee Filters

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The refill pack of 350 Aerobie AEROPRESS coffee filters are designed to be used with the AEROPRESS Coffee & Espresso Maker, and unless you drink a LOT of coffee, this pack of 350 filters will last you a very long time. Unlike traditional press-type filters, the AEROPRESS coffee filters remove grit. The water and coffee grounds are mixed together for ten seconds before gentle air pushes the mix through the filter in 20 seconds.

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1 Review

Dennis Neal Apr 21st 2020

Aerobie Aeropress

You won't find a more economical coffee maker. It is as good as any I've had anywhere and superior to a French press as NO grounds get through. The filters last 6 months as I drink a couple cups a day. You probably need one of these....I grind my coffee expresso fine. What a great little device.

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