Ethiopia Sidama Natural Full City Roast Coffee

Cafe Campesino

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Blueberry, orange, tobacco, earthy
Blueberry, citrus, cherry, toffee
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Full City
Read about Grind Types

We have recently adjusted our grind options. With that in mind, we wanted to offer this primer so that you can choose the best grind-style for your preferred brewing method.

Whole Bean-- While we are happy to grind your beans, your coffee will stay fresher longer if you grind it as you go. There are many great home grinder options out there and many are surprisingly inexpensive.

Drip-- This is a medium grind that is the most versatile. Brewing methods using drip include home coffee drip machines, pour-overs (like Hario), Chemex, and AeroPress.

Espresso-- This grind is generally used for espresso makers. This includes home machines and stove-tip espresso pots. The grind is the most fine and is optimized to work with a high pressure extraction system.

Coarse-- Coarse is for percolators, french press, cold brewing, and sometimes AeroPress. Coarse is the biggest/loosest grind and enables water to move more freely steeping coffee for extraction.

All of the above, while generally true in the industry, also should be adjusted for preference. Feel free to experiment and please contact us if you have questions and we will be happy to work with you.

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Product Overview

Ethiopian natural, or "unwashed" coffees are characteristic for their berry and fruit-like flavor. This coffee has a sweet, berry, fruity flavor with a creamy body and medium-to-high acidity. A berry flavor is naturally imparted to unwashed coffees, because the coffee's cherry-like fruit is left on after harvesting and the coffee seed (or bean) dries inside the cherry. Coffee beans that are washed or wet-processed are immediately removed from the fruit, washed and then air-dried. The Telamo cooperative that produces this coffee is located in the Shebedino District of the Sidama Zone and has about 4,000 members.

Learn more about Telamo and SCFCU.

Available in a variety of grind options.


(12 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Chip J on Apr 10th 2023

    This is the best coffee currently being roasted on the planet.

  • 5
    Everyone should give this a try

    Posted by Stephen Graber on Feb 4th 2021

    Least like any other coffee I have ever tasted! Very unusual in a good way. Has an earthy aroma and taste you can't miss, the flavor is full without being at all bitter. Great texture too. They say "cherry", I can see that. Not my choice for everyday, but when you want something different this is a good pick. Have also mixed it with several dark roasts and it smooths them out without ruining their dark, smoky complexity.

  • 5
    My go-to favorite

    Posted by Christine C on Jan 28th 2021

    I love the fruity lightness of the flavor of this coffee! It's not light in flavor, but it's bright and full-bodied -- always enjoyable. I buy whole beans and grind it before brewing, and use a pour-over pot. Delicious!

  • 5
    Ethiopia Sidama NATURAL Full City Roast Coffee

    Posted by Chris Kuebler on Jan 25th 2021

    Love it. I take it with some Silk Half & Half a bit of maple syrup - absolutely delicious!!

  • 5
    Great coffee

    Posted by Michael on Dec 22nd 2020

    This is one of the most unique and best coffees I’ve ever had. You have to try it. It’s even great black.

  • 5
    Tasty Coffee

    Posted by David Meredith on Apr 16th 2020

    This is a good coffee and is not bitter. Its good black or with cream. You wont be disappointed.

  • 5
    My favorite all-around coffee

    Posted by Doug Glass on Nov 19th 2019

    This has been my favorite variety and processing method for the last 5 years. It has the best combination of body, taste, and price.

  • 5
    Ethiopia Sidama Natural

    Posted by Solange on Feb 22nd 2018

    I just love the full flavor and experience of drinking this natural coffee.

  • 5
    just excellent, we love this

    Posted by mara on Jan 5th 2017

    just excellent, we love this