Tour De Farm Spotlight: Richland Rum

Posted by nema on Oct 13th 2013

Tour De Farm Spotlight: Richland Rum

Richland Distilling Company is located in Richland, GA. The owners Erik and Karin Vonk and master distiller Jay McCain are helping put Richland on the map by making authentic, quality products. Garden and Gun calls Richland Rum “the smooth amber liquid that had brought new life to this town.” (Find the whole article here.) It is a family-owned business and makes Richland Rum exclusively.

Richland Distilling Company will be one of our stops on Saturday, Nov. 9 during the Southwest GA Tour de Farm 2013 bike ride. We will get the opportunity to taste Richland Rum and to take a tour. Tickets for Tour de Farm are on sale now! Register today to ensure your spot in the ride.

Richland Rum is made by hand and is done so day-by-day all in one area. They grow their own cane sugar at Vennebroek Estate there in Richland and distill, age, and bottle their Rum all in the same place. The process of making their Rum involves fermenting, distilling, and aging in oak barrels, where it is matured for at least one year with some longer.

Richland Rum only contains two ingredients! Those ingredients are either sugar cane juice or premium sugar cane syrup and water. This means that it is all natural and contains no preservatives, artificial aromas, coloring, additives, or chemical enhancements. The fermentation recipe used to make Richland Rum also plays an important role in contributing to the all natural taste of the quality Rum.

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